Best way to learn How to read whatsapp deleted message

🎁 ✔ How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages✔🎁 ✅ Well, the ‘Notification Log’ feature is not available on every Android smartphone. So, users need to rely upon a third party app to read the deleted WhatsApp messages. Below, we are going to share an easy trick on how to read deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android. 1⃣ First of all, open Google Play Store and search for Notisave – Save Notifications. You need to install the app on your Android smartphone. Notisave is an app which records all your notifications. This app saves all notifications by default. 2⃣ After installing Notisave and open the app. The app will not load the apps that are already installed on your Android smartphone. 3⃣ In the next step, the app will ask you to grant the notification access. Make sure to tap on ‘Allow’ 4⃣ Now go through the settings and you need to enable the ‘Passcode’. The passcode feature will restrict other users from accessing your notification log. 5⃣ That’s it, you are done. Now the app will record every notification including those WhatsApp messages that were deleted. You just need to go to the Notisave app and it will show you the notification. ✅ That’s it, you are done! This is how you can read deleted WhatsApp Messages on your Android smartphone. By @socialwizard Whatsapp me 09065656843 Telegram me Telegram group and channel 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
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